What can you eat on the keto diet?

What can you eat on the keto diet?


New Zealand has been ranked as the fourth most diet-obsessed place in the world. This information from Google Trends shows that we are among the nations with the most frequent diet-related searches. Interestingly, the keto diet was the most searched diet in NZ.

If you are just starting to try this popular well-loved diet, this simple guide will surely help.

How the keto diet works

Keto diet has been tagged as an enjoyable diet. Unlike other types of extreme diets, you can actually eat foods on a ketogenic diet. And yes, this includes your favorite bacon and crayfish.

In truth, the ketogenic diet is a type of diet that advocates for the consumption of high fat, moderate protein, and low carb foods.

The goal is for the body to enter the state of ketosis by minimizing carb intake. With limited carbohydrates, the body needs to find a substitute for glucose as its fuel source. As a result, the body turns stored fats into ketones that serve as a fuel alternative.

Foods to eat on a keto diet

Entering the state of ketosis is not as easy as it sounds. Initially, you need to consume less than 50 grams of net carbohydrates per day for about four days, sometimes for even longer. In addition, you also need to consume large amounts of healthy fats.

While you can definitely enjoy eating while on this diet, it is still very important to monitor what you eat.

Keto-friendly fruits

Can you really eat fruit while on a keto diet? Most fruits are very high in carbs, but you can definitely eat, in a modest amount, the following:

  • raspberry

  • blackberry

  • strawberry

  • plum

  • kiwi

  • avocado

  • cantaloupe

  • clementine

  • starfruit

  • tomato

These fruits are best eaten in moderation. Make sure not to consume more than 50 grams of net carbohydrates in a day.

Keto-friendly vegetables

Vegetables also contain carbs but in very low amounts. In general, green leafy vegetables or those that grow above the ground are good keto options.

On the other hand, root vegetables or those that grow below the ground contain more carbs. The latter, which should be avoided, include potatoes, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

Keto Food List

Aside from low carb fruits and vegetables, there is a wide range of food options for you. Here are healthy keto diet foods that are readily available in NZ:

  • seafood

  • cheese

  • meat

  • poultry

  • eggs

  • plain Greek yogurt

  • nuts (almonds, cashews, pecans, pistachios, walnuts)

  • seeds (chia seeds, sesame seeds, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds)

  • butter

  • cream

  • unsweetened coffee

  • dark chocolate

Bonus tips

Follow the keto diet food list above to make sure that you eat high fat, low carb foods in New Zealand.

To enjoy eating vegetables, you can saute or stir-fry them in butter or coconut oil. Then, add bacon and cheese in the mix. However, be careful not to overeat and just consume enough fat every day.

Finally, it is important to note that the body still needs nutrients that can be found from foods rich in carbohydrates. To stay healthy, take keto diet supplements. Ask a trusted pharmacist from Takapuna Pharmacy for recommendations.

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